Heathfield Residential Home


There’s always plenty to do at Heathfield.

Whether you enjoy craft, quizzes, live music, dancing, or sitting quietly reading or listening to the radio, our daily activity programme is varied and meets everyone’s needs; and we’re always open to new ideas, suggestions and requests!

If you enjoy reminiscing, the ground-breaking technology we developed with Lancaster University, will step you back in time to recall and relive your precious memories.

For those who want to hone their skills or learn more, we host a variety of regular hands-on workshops.
You’ll also have access to our sensory stimulation facilities, where residents are uplifted through music, movement and colour.
Regular trips out with family and friends are encouraged and facilitated. And if that’s not possible, one of our care team are always happy to escort you on a trip to the shops, local amenities or even to the local pub for lunch!

And remember your wish list! We really do want to help you make those wishes become a reality!

A crafts session for the Heathfield residents with paints and flowers

Arts and Crafts

Whether you’re a beginner or a dab hand,
you’ll find some fascinating challenges.

A game of cards with Louise, one of Heathfield's owners

Keeping the mind sharp

We also have intellectually-stimulating activities
such as quizzes and puzzles.

A dancing session in Heathfield's sun lounge

Keeping the body fit

To everyone who can join in, we encourage walks,
dancing and gentle exercise.

A Heathfield resident is knitting in a comfortable chair

And just taking it easy

If you’d just prefer to relax and pass the time quietly,
that’s absolutely okay.

What relatives of our residents say:

“There is a good range of facilities and a full calendar of varied activities each week, supplemented by interesting excursions.”

SIMON H, Nephew of Resident
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