Heathfield Residential Home


Feel free to visit!

There are no set hours for visiting. Family and friends come and go throughout the day. Some residents have gatherings of their friends in one of Heathfield’s lounges; or our chef, Steve, can arrange a private afternoon cream tea for family and friends.

Our renowned ‘Restaurant Evenings’ are extremely popular. These are where residents host their families to a sumptuous 4 course meal, the quality of which you would attribute to a fine-dining establishment.

If you like to have your hair set, your feet looked at, or your eyes checked, we have regular visits from respective specialists.

If you like to surf the net or use social media – and some residents do – we have computers available and good
Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home.

Some of Heathfield's residents play dominoes

Have your Friends Round

Continue to arrange socials as you did before coming to Heathfield.

A Heathfield resident enjoys a painting session

Set the Agenda

The day is very much your own, with timings to suit your preferences.

Heathfield residential home is open all hours

Open All Hours

Your guests will always receive the warmest of welcomes.

A Heathfield resident sits knitting in a comfortable chair

Your Own Space

There is no pressure to do anything,
and if you prefer your own space, then so be it.

What relatives of our residents say:

“We were very pleased our relative was able to find a place here. She continues to enjoy the genuine care of the team in this happy home.”

SIMON H, Nephew of Resident
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