Heathfield Residential Home


You may be surprised to hear that most residents find a new lease of life when they join us at Heathfield. They thrive under our care, and even seem younger to their family and friends!

You’ll appreciate that for the elderly, living independently gradually – and then sometimes suddenly – becomes difficult, frustrating and sometimes even dangerous. It’s a sad but inevitable point that many of us reach. Some people feel that moving to a care home is a negative decision – even a sign of defeat and decline.

You’ll be reassured to hear that our experience at Heathfield over many years is that nothing could be further from the truth.

Our residents flourish! (which is immensely satisfying and why we do what we do.)

Suddenly, the burden of daily chores is taken away, replaced by a wide selection of activities to suit all personalities. Solitude and loneliness are relieved, replaced by close relationships with caring staff, other lady residents and with visiting professionals (medical, spiritual, social), as well as often improved relationships with family and friends.

Heathfield ensures that all residents have an individually created care plan that we strongly encourage all residents and close family members to be involved in designing. What makes a Heathfield care plan so special is that it’s captured digitally, allowing care plans to be dynamic and real-time. Caring staff use handsets that result in up-to-date, bespoke care plans becoming an actual lived experience each day.

We also invite all potential residents for a stay at Heathfield ahead of making a final decision.

Our aim is to help you make the right decision that’s in your very best interests. Our reputation rests on you being comfortable and confident in joining the Heathfield family.

Complete Care

Heathfield provides accommodation, meals and 24-hour personal care for senior ladies who find it increasingly difficult to cope at home without assistance. We offer a range of facilities designed to give security, independence and the very best of residential care.

Lou, one of Heathfield's owners, reads poetry in the sun lounge

Great Company

With twenty-four residents, the home is of a size where everybody can express themselves freely and feel enabled to be themselves rather than being constrained in any way. As our chef says in our video on the ‘Who we are’ page, it is ‘home from home’.

A saxophonist entertains the residents in the sun lounge

Plenty to Do

We have a daily programme of varied activities and trips away from the home; and our community links with local churches, local community library and schools provide opportunities to be as active as each resident wishes to be. There are a variety of areas within the home for ladies who prefer to spend time quietly, as well as a choice of communal areas in which to socialize.

Built around You

Our person-centred approach means that you will be respected for your individuality and shown dignity and respect. Before you arrive at Heathfield, we will create a personal care plan tailored to your needs. Whilst bedrooms and bathrooms are fully furnished to a high standard, you are welcome to bring your own furniture if you prefer.

What relatives of our residents say:

“Heathfield provides exceptional care. My mother has been here for 1 year and I have been impressed with the dedication to the provision of kind, friendly and patient care given to all residents.”

HELEN S, Daughter of Resident
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